Noopsyche K7 PRO II Kit (Light, Bracket And Controller) - Choose Color Option

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Noopsyche K7 PRO II Kit The "Kit" includes a light, mounting bracket, and controller.

A stylish light system for your marine aquarium. 

Power: 95w 
Dimension: 180*120*38mm


  • 6x Osram Cool White 
  • 6x Osram Blue 
  • 6x Osram Royal Blue 
  • 2x Semi LED 410nm 
  • 2x Semi LED 420nm 
  • 2x Osram Red 
  • 2x Osram Green 
  • Beam angle 90 degrees

Coverage Area 18" x 18" SPS tank, Mixed Reef 24" x 24"


Compare our light with the AI Hydra 26HD

AI Hydra TwentySix™ HD 6 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI) 6 - Cree XT-E Royal Blue 6 - Cree XP-E2 Blue 2 - OSRAM OSLON Deep Red 2 - Cree XP-E2 Green 2 - SemiLED 415nm 2 - SemiLED 400nm

Noopsyche K7 Pro II 6x Osram Cool White 6x Osram Royal Blue 6x Osram Blue 2x Osram Red 2x Osram Green 2x Semi LED 420nm 2x Semi LED 410nm

光谱图 拷贝.jpg

PAR 拷贝.jpg

角度图 拷贝.jpg


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